When Are Hemorrhoids Serious Enough To See a Doctor

Hemorrhoids are a very common condition and most people who suffer from them never need to do anything beyond home remedies or over the counter medications. If left untreated however, hemorrhoids may sometimes develop into a serious and dangerous condition that requires seeing a doctor and may need surgery for treatment. There are two types of hemorrhoids that a person can develop and there is the potential for each type to develop into a serious problem and if surgery does become necessary, there are several methods available. This article will discuss the symptoms that can result when your hemorrhoids have developed to a more advanced stage and when it is time to see a doctor.
The first type of hemorrhoid I'm going to talk about is the external hemorrhoid which is where the veins of the rectum outside the anus become inflamed. This type of hemorrhoid can normally be located by looking for a lump around the anus and can cause pain, burning, itching, and bleeding. While this style of hemorrhoid is by far the most painful, and while it is usually not dangerous, it can develop into a serious condition knows as thrombosis. This is where the inflamed vein will clot and once this happens the pressure in the clot will continue to grow until many people will find the pain unbearable. If this happens it will become necessary to visit your doctor or ER room and have the blood clot cut away to relieve the pressure. While extremely painful, it is not the most dangerous thing that can happen.
The second type of hemorrhoid that you can develop is an internal hemorrhoid and this condition is where the internal veins inside the anus become inflamed. There is normally no pain associated with this type of hemorrhoid and the only symptom that a person will normally experience is bleeding during a bowel movement. A change in diet or lifestyle to reduce straining can usually cure this type of hemorrhoid but it does have a dangerous aspect. The internal hemorrhoid can become what is knows as prolapsed where the inflamed vein extends outside of the anus and this is where you will experience pain. Normally this vein can be gently pushed back up inside the anus but there is the possibility that it will become further swollen and become entrapped. This is where the danger comes in because once the vein is entrapped, the blood supply may get cut off and the vein will die, often becoming infected. Once infection sets in, it is possible that it will spread through out the body and cause the person to become dangerously ill. If you suspect this has happened you should see a doctor right away.
While the normal bleeding associated with hemorrhoids is not usually a cause for concern, it can be a problem with people who are anemic or those taking blood thinners for any reason. Also, excessive bleeding, especially outside of bowel movements can indeed be a cause for concern. While it is true that hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, there are also other medical conditions such as colorectal or anal cancer that can cause bleeding. Any amount of excessive bleeding should be checked out by a doctor right away even if you know you have hemorrhoids and suspect that it is the cause of the bleeding.
Because hemorrhoids are so common many people believe that they need to just live with the pain and discomfort that can result. But the truth of the matter is that when left untreated, hemorrhoids can sometimes become a serious and dangerous affliction. If you experience any of the above advanced symptoms, please see your doctor as soon as possible.
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