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When it comes to hemorrhoids there are several things you can do both at home, but also there are several surgical options that you can use to cure your hemorrhoids. There are also a number of foods that can help you to relieve and prevent the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids. Depending on what works best for you, you should use some of the following tips to help your hemorrhoids. The three ways you can help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. The first way is to sit and soak the affected area with either a warm bath or towel at least three to four times a day. After each bowel movement it is a good idea to clean the anus with a moist toilet paper or baby wipe. To relieve the swelling you should use ice packs.
The very fortunate individuals will have their hemorrhoids disappear without requiring any further treatment. Often times just one of the top three solutions will allow these types of individuals to lead a comfortable life with their hemorrhoids. Although there are some who still have trouble with their hemorrhoids and may require surgical treatment by medical professionals in order to treat their hemorrhoids. There are several forms of surgical treatment that are available for hemorrhoids and your doctor will be able to help you find the right method for you.
The first option is rubber band ligation. With this procedure the doctor will place a rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid. When the flow of blood is restricted to the area around the hemorrhoid it will gradually shrink away. The second option is a hemorrhoidectomy which is a surgical removal of the hemorrhoid. Doctors typically only choose this option when the hemorrhoids are internal and either very large or prolapsed. The third option is laser coagulation which uses electric current to treat the hemorrhoid. Blood flow to the hemorrhoid is prevented from a chemical reaction caused by this current which causes the hemorrhoid to shrink. The fourth option is similar and is called infrared photocoagulation which uses infrared light to coagulate the vein and prevents blood from reaching the hemorrhoid.
The fifth option is injection sclerotherapy. This is when the doctor injects chemicals into the mucous membrane that surrounds the hemorrhoid. The vein will close as a result and the hemorrhoid will shrink. The sixth and final option is laser treatment. This process works well for all types of hemorrhoids since a small laser beam is used to vaporize the hemorrhoids. This is a very effective method that has little bleeding allowing for rapid healing and a less painful recovery period than the other methods. Although this is also the most expensive surgical treatment for hemorrhoids.
Once you have experience hemorrhoids you realize the importance of preventing them from occurring again. This is why it is important to change your diet to help prevent hemorrhoids from returning or appearing in the first place. You should drink lots of water and fruit juice while also adding plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Fiber is also very important in reducing the experience of painful hemorrhoids by adding more cereals, nuts and whole wheat breads to your diet. There is also the option for fiber supplements if you need additional fiber in your diet. Regular exercising is also very important so you should consider starting a routine program of walking, cycling or swimming which helps to keep your bowels regular and your hemorrhoids from occurring. The weight control will also come with the added benefits of helping you to sleep better at night and increasing your energy levels.
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