Home Cure for Hemorrhoids

When hemorrhoids strike, the first inclination could be to run to the drug store and purchase all the over the counter treatments available. A more intense reaction could be to call the doctor. However, there are a variety of home cures for hemorrhoids that are quite effective and, often times, more so than their over the counter or prescription counterparts.
One of the simplest is a sitz bath. It's not necessary to fill the whole tub and go through the ritual of bathing. Purchase a small plastic tub from the drug store that fits on your toilet. Fill it with warm water, lower your pants, and sit for as long as you like as many times a day as you can. This is very soothing for the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids and also serves to keep the area clean, which reduces inflammation.
Homemade poultices with herbs like elderberry or mullein or ice packs – even a bag of frozen peas – help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Alternating between poultices, ice packs, and sitz baths is a good strategy if you have the time.
Applying witch hazel, an astringent, with a sterile cotton ball or pad to the anal area is another home cure for hemorrhoids. In the same way, aloe very – especially the pulpy variety – and applications of yarrow tea, also applied with a sterile cotton ball or pad, help to ease symptoms of hemorrhoids.
No matter what you choose as your home cure for hemorrhoids, keeping the area clean and using unscented, plain white toilet paper is top priority. Be gentle with yourself and you will keep the inflammation of your hemorrhoids to a minimum.
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