Easing the Discomfort of Hemorrhoids

The discomfort caused by hemorrhoids can range from a slight annoyance to indescribable irritation. Easing the discomfort of hemorrhoids can either happen after the hemorrhoids appear or can be a preventative measure to ensure they stay away. Hemorrhoids are common with age or as a side effect of pregnancy, so nobody is really safe from getting them. For someone suffering with hemorrhoids, easing the discomfort is the main thing on their mind.
Hemorrhoids are located in or around the anus and rectum. They are swollen blood vessels. Hemorrhoids can be irritated a number of ways. Sometimes they are present but do not bother the person. Once they come under strain, which causes them to stretch and “grow”, hemorrhoids can hurt or itch. There are some medical ways to ease discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. There are also other non-medical ways to ease hemorrhoid irritation.
Hemorrhoids are usually not threatening to health, but a doctor should be consulted if a person suspects they have them. Symptoms can include blood, pain, itching and burning. Most treatments will involve treating the symptoms. For itching and burning there are topical creams available at the pharmacy that sooth these symptoms. A person may also soak in a warm bath. Ice packs applied to the area can reduce swelling. Hemorrhoids are irritated by straining when taking a bowel movement so a stool softener may be recommended to avoid straining. The biggest issue with hemorrhoid irritation is to keep the area clean. Baby wipes or over the counter hemorrhoid wipes can aid in this. In most cases hemorrhoids will disappear on their own, but in sever cases surgery may be recommended.
Easing the discomfort of hemorrhoids is important to sufferers. By treating the symptoms a person can ease the irritation. Hemorrhoids are usually an annoyance more than a health threat, but people should see their doctor to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions to be concerned about. A doctor may also be able to recommend other treatment options.
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